Consultations & Fees

Consultations are available at my office in Central Monmouth at  96 MONNOW STREET   
(Suite number 2 at 96 Monnow Street, Monmouth, NP25 3EQ)

First Consultation  £145 (please allow up to one and a half hours for your Full Naturopathic and Nutritional Therapy and Qest 4 Bioresonance allergy assessment, including  Personalised Programme recommendations)

First Children’s (1 year to 15 years old) consultation £95  (please allow up to one hour for a full Nutritional Therapy and Qest  4 Bioresonace allergy assessment, including a Personalised Programme &  Vibrational/Homoeopathic Remedy) 

Follow up appointments £75 (adults & children –  up to 50 minutes)

Qest 4 screening  follow up appointment with personalised remedy £85 (up to 50 minutes)

ENERGY READINGS, HEALING’S & THETA HEALING  are £75  – please allow up to 50 minutes

Haven’t seen you in over 14 months…. please contact me to re register as an initial client again

Remote/ Long Distance Consultations (fee payable in advance of your session)

  •  Initial  Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy consultation Adults & Children 12 months upwards £145  with FULL Bio-resonance  Qest 4 analysis and  up to one hour pre-screening prior to your consultation.  Includes up to a 50 minute consultation (via phone, Whats App, Zoom or Skype), and your personalised nutrition/supplement / allergy recommendations sent out to via email. (£165 including a personalised quest 4 vibrational Remedy posted out to you following your consultation – this is included for Children)
  • (Babies to one year are £95 – no remedy and 30 minute online consultation ) 
  • Follow up Nutrition consultation £85   – with a retest and FULL Bioresonance  Qest 4 analysis, looking deeper into your case. Consultations are 30 minutes long – again held via SKYPE/Whats App/ZOOM  or telephone  (or £110 with Qest 4 vibrational remedy posted out to you)

Non scanned  – REMOTE –  Mini catch up consultations  – to share new information, order new remedies or to answer questions you may have in between your booked full consultations are £45 for up to 25 minutes  (includes any information / programme updates required to be emailed to you) For a longer non scanned 50 minute consultation £85

  • ENERGY READINGS, HEALING’S & THETA HEALING remote consultations (via SKYPE/What’s App/ZOOM / Phone) are £75  – please allow up to 50 minutes
  • Payment is due at the time of booking for all remote consultations – failure to pay at the time of booking will results in your consultation being cancelled
  • For all consultations cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or not attended the full session fee is payable

Prior to your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and for initial Nutritional Therapy consultations to keep a food diary. You will also be asked to bring/send with you a list of any medications or supplements that you are currently taking or have been in last 6 months.

Recommendations may be made for Functional Medicine Laboratory Tests, supplements and/or a course of desensitisation, these products will incur an additional charge at the time of your consultation. Requests for letters additional to direct GP requests at the time of your appointment are charged at £30 per letter. 

I also offer graduate supervision sessions either face to face or via SKYPE/Whats APP.  Please contact me directly for details

Please Note: For ALL (remote & face to face) missed or cancelled appointments with less than 48 hours notice the full consultation fee is payable
If you need to cancel or rearrange, please do this by phone not email

All Fees and charges correct from  07/09/2022

All information offered is valid for a maximum of 12 weeks or until your next booked appointment – after that time, for further advice and recommendations please contact me for a follow up consultation. Between booked appointments, I can support with your current programme only . For all new symptoms or any additional advice required, please book in a mini consultation.