Remote Consultations from the comfort of home….

I offer remote consultations for people in the UK and Worldwide to access my services and have a full Nutritional Therapy and Allergy Testing consultation with Qest 4 Bio resonance health screening and clinical analysis from the comfort of their own home.  

Throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic this has been invaluable for clients both existing and new to continue to support  health on every level, have the full testing, just as if they were in person at the clinic.

I am able, from samples sent to me (hair and nails) to complete a full Bioresonance Health screening and weaving in clinical analysis from your completed questionnaires offer a remote consultation via Skype, Whats App or telephone. Clients often ask if its as accurate as if they were there in person……..yes it is…. this has been confirmed over the many years working with babies, children and adults. 

The following areas are analysed:

  • Over 4000 Foods, chemicals and environmental toxins you may be sensitive to
  • Nutrients that your body needs to boost (full screen of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids)
  • Your overall energetic health
  • Organs that may need deeper support and epigenetic patterns strongly present
  • Immune system support requirements
  • The Qest 4 scans over 42, 000 energetic patterns of health, enabling an insight into your core health and how to support you.

Before we “meet” remotely I will have taken approximately one  hour scanning your samples and preparing your test results, and analysing  your questionnaire and diet diary. I am also able to interpret any recent blood, stool or saliva tests for you when sent with your samples.

I will share that information in your 55 minute consultation. This can be dietary changes, functional medicine testing and  supplementation recommendations, foods to avoid, chemical sensitivities, lifestyle changes and Naturopathic techniques.

Following your consultation, I will then send you your Personalised Nutrition Programme, summarising the action points of your consultation and  detailing the changes to make until your follow up visit.

The Initial Consultation fee is £145, which includes all of the above

Follow up visits are £85 recommended between 4-12 weeks dependent on your needs

Non scanned  – Mini catch up consultations  – to share new information or to answer questions you may have in between your main consultations are £45 for up to 30 minutes  (includes any information required to emailed following)

Please contact me for further details or to arrange an appointment

07968 783653