How YOU can support your IMMUNE SYSTEM through Nutrition – short online course coming soon!

As we approach the final phases of lockdown around the UK and worldwide, it is NOW when we take ourselves back into circulation that we need to support our immune systems more than ever before.

This is important for both adults and children alike…

We can read articles in the media, watch posted video’s even ask at the local health food shop, but how do we know what will really help support our immune systems and WHY and WHERE can we ask direct questions for ourselves  about foods that can support, how the immune system is impacted by stress,  supplements we may need and how to take them,  what would be best at which time etc…

Over the next few weeks, I will be offering  a three week online learning programme – available to EVERYONE at any level of knowledge to support you in leaning how to support your immune system

Small interactive groups and informative live presentations allow you to ask as many questions as needed to complete your knowledge and plan of support ..

This three week course will be 1.5 hours weekly with both evening and morning course times available

Watch this space or please join my newsletter for me to be able to let you know when the taster session is available for you to join..

Many thanks