Nutritional Therapy & Food – Chemical – Environmental Sensitivity Testing

 In the media we are always being bombarded with the “right” things to eat, as with many things in life, one recommendation does not suit everybody.

Nutritional Therapy seeks to work with your body, bringing it back to a place of health through returning to a wholefood diet,  free from added toxicity, balancing blood sugar levels, boosting your intake of nutrients and giving your body what it needs to carry out all of its amazing functions. Often even a small change in your diet can make a big difference to your health and vitality.

“I feel as though I am sensitive to so many foods….I Bloat, I itch, I have brain fog, I’m not sleeping well…….how do I get tested?!

Food, Chemical or Environmental sensitivities can occur at any time and at any age. Often brought about by stress, hormonal changes, over consumption of one particular food over time… and many other reasons. In addition to physical complaints, symptoms such as depression and mood swings may be strongly linked to foods eaten and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Non invasive testing techniques such as BIORESONANCE testing with the Qest 4,   DOWSING and applied KINESIOLOGY (muscle testing) are included in your consultation.

Using applied kinesiology over 1200 foods and chemical/environmental allergens can be tested in addition to checking for Candida Albicans overgrowth, parasites and toxic metals

Consultations can also be booked  for QEST 4 BIORESONANCE TESTING = one of the most advanced digital bioresonance testing machines available – able to scan over 48,000 items to support your health and check for food and chemical sensitivities. This can be carried out during your consultation or for a distance consultation via SKYPE/ZOOM/Whats App or telephone.

I also use Functional Medicine based laboratory testing (hair, blood, stool, urine and saliva) where appropriate. Nutrigenomic (Nutritional DNA) testing can also be arranged. These tests are all-available at an additional cost. 

Alongside advice and recommendations to improve your diet and fit in with your lifestyle, we will also take a look at why what you have tried before hasn’t worked, testing to see if you are absorbing and utilising nutrients correctly and your emotional relationship to food and how it is used within your life. I do not write specific meal plans, allowing you the freedom to weave your favourite foods into your diet!

Each consultation includes;

  • Analysis of your current diet & health questionnaires prior to your first consultation
  • In depth one to one consultation – (Qest 4 scanning where required which tests for all sensitivities, Environmental toxins, nutrient imbalances, allergens etc)
  • A comprehensive written summary of testing results at the time of your consultation, dietary recommendations, supplements advised and fact sheets as necessary
  • Recommendations Specific to YOU – drawing on my 30 plus years in practice and your Bioresonace results to tailor a bespoke programme to move you towards optimal health
  • Email / telephone answers for quick questions relating directly to your programme (within reason) until your arranged follow up appointment or up until 4 weeks after your appointment. If you require additional support or recommendations after this time, a mini follow up consultation must be arranged to do this to keep all information current and accurate.

Please note: Bioresonace, dowsing and kinesiology testing and its results are not medically diagnostic. They are classed as energetic imbalances, that may reflect your state of health