Pre-conceptual, pregnancy & postnatal support

“A new life brings joy and change on all levels”

As a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist I would generally recommend at least a one year (if possible, two) pre-conception plan to prepare your body for pregnancy. For many people this may not be possible,  any positive changes you make, at any stage of pregnancy can support you both.

During pregnancy physical complaints may arise, often these can be supported with changes to diet, gentle supplementation and lifestyle changes working in harmony alongside any medical intervention necessary.

Pregnancy is a time of great change for both mother and child.  Heightened hormones, fatigue and increased levels of stress can cause imbalances on an emotional level. Often women have fears for the birth, how the baby will change theirs and their family’s lives and how they will cope. For other mothers, emotions from a previous difficult birth may resurface, compounding beliefs and fears held deep within them.  The techniques I use can often help release these fears, allowing you to experience the full joy of your pregnancy.

Post-natally, I can offer supportive advice with any difficulties arising from the birth (episiotomy healing, bruising, scarring etc) and emotionally with healing on an emotional/spiritual level should the birth not have happened as you would have wished. A “difficult”  birth can have a great impact upon body, mind and spirit, often diluting the joy felt and sometimes contributing to post -natal depression.

For your new infant (s) several techniques I use can support their well being on the first part of their  journey into life.