Superfoods and Phytonutrient Webinar this week

Phytonutrients and Superfoods

Karen Carman BSc (Hons), DNN, DipC.Nut, DipA.E.T, S.A.C. Dip

Superfoods and Phytonutrients – exploring the many qualities of everyday and more exotic plant based foods that are truly super for our health!

Explore many of the so called “super foods” in detail.
From broccoli to acai berry, what chemicals are present that have health supporting qualities.

Webinar Aims:

  • To explore why plant based nutrients are so well received by the body?
  • Are nutrients in chemical isolation or as part of food really different?
  • What is a “phytonutrient” and why are they so important with today’s modern lifestyle and which foods are the most dense?
  • How can we practically increase phytonutrients in our diet everyday?
Booking: Phytonutrients and Superfoods
Date: July 17th 2019
Time: 8pm UK Time for 60/70 mins
Price: Only £25.00 for non students, £15 for SOH students.
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About the Tutor Karen Carman:
Originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist, Karen’s interest in the power of nutritional healing was sparked after it brought her own health back to balance following period of prolonged illness. Realising this was the career for her, Karen then qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist in 2001. Keen to further her knowledge, she later qualified with diplomas in Child Nutrition, Allergy Therapy and as a Women’s Health Practitioner. Exploring the psychological elements of nutrition and how our emotional and core beliefs can affect our food choices is central to the way Karen works. Karen now runs a busy private practice in Monmouthshire, weaving around her family life. She is also a tutor and course author for The School of Health.I hope to see you there!
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Join us for the whole series of these unique webinars on health, homeopathy and nutrition. Inspiring presentations, delivered by professionals live across the internet, to you at home!
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This webinar is open to students, practitioners, and anyone interested in our courses or natural health, you simply log on from home – all you need is your computer and a reasonable internet connection. The online software is simple to use and you will be sent full instructions a few days before the webinar starts. You will be able to see and hear the teacher and view the slide presentation and you can interact by typing questions. Webinars are a great way to learn from the comfort of your home and engage with teachers. They help develop a greater connection with the School, your studies and learning. Take up this great new opportunity and join us for the this series of webinars.
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