For Children

 “We took our daughter to see Karen after another Mum highly recommended her. The transformation has been amazing. Her digestion issues have gone, she’s sleeping better and her behaviour has also improved. We see Karen regularly and now have appointments as a family. She uses a Qest 4 machine which assesses your individual state of health and we have found the results to be extremely accurate. We don’t know what we would have done without Karen, we can’t thank her enough for helping our daughter and us as a family.”

Maria & Gavin Oliver January 2018.

The food and lifestyle choices you make for your child can have a profound impact upon their health, vitality, behavior and mood. Research has now proven that your childhood diet has a significant impact on your adult health. Often food or chemical sensitivities can be present from an early age, even from birth, nutrient deficiencies can also be identified and supported through diet or specific supplementation. I offer  support from weaning, through to helping to balance teenage hormones.

Testing for environmental,  food and chemical sensitivities using Qest 4 Bio Resonance scanning  is safe and non invasive, it can be carried out face to face or remotely. I also offer access to laboratory testing for blood, stool, saliva and hair analysis where necessary. For children, I also include a personalised vibrational remedy with all INITIAL consultations – remote and in person to support in addition to support change on all levels

My advice is practical, I have specialised in working with children for 18 years of my career and have helped many thousands of families over the last 31 years, working with children with elimination diets, fussy eaters, emotional conflicts at mealtimes and the dilemma of what to prepare on a restrictive diet!