Healing Happens Here

Holistic Nutritional Therapy and Healing in Monmouthshire

Healing Happens Here

Supporting your child

 “All this time it was the dairy products that were causing my sons eczema, one small change has made all the difference. Thank you so much for your help and tips for making the new diet work!”

The food and lifestyle choices you make for your child can have a profound impact upon their health, vitality, behavior and mood. Research has now proven that your childhood diet has a significant impact on your adult health. Often food sensitivities can be present from an early age, even from birth. I offer  support from weaning, through to helping to balance teenage hormones. Testing for food and chemical sensitivities using kinesiology is safe and non invasive. I also offer access to laboratory testing for blood, stool, saliva and hair analysis.

My advice is practical, I have helped many families with elimination diets, fussy eaters, emotional conflicts at mealtimes and the dilemma of what to prepare on a restrictive diet!