“Having a nasty rash covering most of my body for about 10 weeks, which a two week dose of steroid cream did not touch, I sought help from Karen. The rash cleared within three weeks of following her expert advice. Using her knowledge, experience and very sophisticated equipment as well as standard clinical tests she identified gut in-balances including Candida, leaky gut, excess bad bacteria and low levels of good bacteria.

The Qest 4 technology she uses is very sophisticated giving an extremely thorough and personal analysis of each individual who uses it. Since starting my prescribed treatment of supplements, vitamins and minerals my specific health issues and general health and well being have increased considerably.

I have lost weight and kept it off and feel I am at the weight I should naturally be at now. I have become informed and motivated to not only to continue with the prescribed supplements and sometimes challenging dietary restrictions but have developed a keen interest and excitement in healthy eating and cooking.

Karen is warm and welcoming, she enquires and listens, and shares her vast knowledge generously. At all stages I have felt well informed, included and valued. I cannot praise her highly enough.”

Annabel Owens – March 2018

“‘Since meeting Karen 2 years ago she has helped transform my health and educated me on the importance of what we are putting into our bodies. I can’t recommend Karen enough, an amazing person and therapist” Rhian, Monmouth ~ August 2014

“I went to see Karen after struggling to conceive for a number of years. We had tried conventional fertility treatment, acupuncture and a range of other natural therapies, but to no avail. I desperately wanted to conceive naturally rather than through IVF (which was due to start imminently) and Karen was recommended to me. I was immediately impressed by Karen’s intuitive and sensitive nature, as well as her holistic approach. Whilst she confirmed that there was no logical reason as to why we weren’t managing to conceive, she noted that one of my hormones was ever so slightly out of sink and realigned this for me as well as giving me a flower remedy to help me to relax. I couldn’t believe it when that cycle I fell pregnant. I attribute this wholly to Karen. She also gave me invaluable advice about health and nutrition and I am now thinking even more carefully about what I put into my body – whilst loving the feeling of our little baby as it kicks inside me! I have recommended Karen highly to a number of family and friends, all of whom are benefiting enormously from her sound advice.” Catherine Buckwell, April 2015

“I have had several sessions with Karen and have always been impressed with her intuitive, attentive and unjudgmental approach. Karen was sensitive to the bigger picture and took the time to come up with solutions that fitted with my lifestyle as well as my needs. With her help I managed my own diet better, lost weight, had more energy and was generally happier. I also feel that Karen helped me to think more positively about food and nutrition and that my relationship with food is much healthier now. For me the effects are definately long term and ever changing. I Would recommend Karen to anyone and rate her as first class therapist”   Louisa Trunks, Mother of two, Cheltenham

“As a Midwife I cannot emphasise enough the need for good nutrition and a healthy emotional and physical state. This is important to grow a healthy baby, and also to maintain your own health and ensure that you feel fulfilled and empowered to go on to birth your baby, and become a confident parent. Karen offers a range of therapies which can be beneficial during pregnancy. There are so many conflicting sources of advice in the media on nutrition and supplements before, during and after pregnancy and this can be confusing and daunting. As a health professional I would always recommend having a discussion with a qualified Nutritional Therapist to ensure that any dietary changes you make or supplements taken are at the correct dose and tailored to your individual needs. Karen practices in a holistic and compassionate way, she is a qualified and respected practitioner and also a Mum who can speak from experience and understands some of the joys and difficulties of pregnancy, birth and becoming a new parent! Remember – a happy, healthy Mum = a happy healthy baby!” Katie Wainwright, Independant Midwife www.onetoonemidwives.org